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5 Ways to Use Custom Wall Graphics

5 Ways to Use Custom Wall Graphics

Custom wall graphics have several possible uses. They can be a great way to promote and advertise your Toronto, ON, business or even just to spruce up a room in your home. Because custom wall graphics are customized, they can depict and say pretty much anything you want. But what can you use custom wall graphics for? This article will go over five ways you can use custom wall graphics.

1. To brand your environment

Branding is very important for businesses. When people are in your retail store, office, agency, institution, or any other type of business or organization, you want them to know where they are. You want them to know that this space is yours and that they are welcome there. You also want to communicate something about your brand’s identity. This can mean using custom wall decals to spell out your business name in the font and colour scheme that is consistent with your other signage, branding, and marketing. It can also mean using a full-length wall mural that depicts a scene that conveys aspects of your brand’s identity.

2. To advertise specific products and services

Custom wall graphics can also be used to advertise products or services. In retail environments, you can install custom wall decals that advertise the clothing, tools, foods and other products that are displayed near or against that wall. The same is true if you run a business that offers a service. A travel agency, for example, might want to install a wall mural that depicts a beautiful Dominican beach scene if they specialize in selling flights from Toronto to Punta Cana.

3. To provide wayfinding signage

Custom wall graphics can also be used for more functional purposes. People need to find their way around your building no matter what you do or sell. Using custom wall graphics to provide wayfinding signage will make your business unique and help it to stand out in people’s minds. Why use standard, cookie cutter signs that say, “Washrooms” or “Reception” when you can have stylized, custom designed wall graphics?

4. To provide decor

Custom wall graphics can also be great decor. A nursery, daycare centre, or school, for example, can put up fun custom wall graphics to entertain the children and make them feel comfortable and happy. You could even use a full-size wall mural to really entice the kids. But the same is true of your Toronto-area home. You can put fun custom wall graphics in your children’s bedrooms, playrooms, or even use them to spruce up your man cave or games room.

5. To create an atmosphere

Beyond just providing decor, custom wall graphics can create an entire atmosphere. For this, the bigger the custom wall graphic, the better, and high-quality, digitally printed wallpaper is really effective at creating an atmosphere. A digitally printed wallpaper depicting an old photo of Naples can create a great, authentic atmosphere for a pizzeria. Likewise, custom wallpaper depicting a famous basketball photo could be great for your Greater Toronto Area sports bar.

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