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13 Ways to Use Custom Stickers for Your Business

Custom Stickers for Business

Stickers are more than just a fun diversion for kids. They’re also excellent tools to help businesses grow, increasing customer satisfaction and building brand recognition. How can you put custom stickers to good use for your business? We’ve got 13 tactics you can try today.

What Are Custom Stickers?

Custom stickers are just like those you can buy from any office supply store, but instead of picking from a set of generic designs, you design them yourself. These stickers are great for businesses because they’re so flexible. You can print them with your company logo, slogan, mascot, or other branding elements. They come in any size you want – and best of all, they’re cheap to produce.

Uses of Custom Stickers for Brand Communication

1. Attribute Custom Stickers

Attribute custom stickers are like highlighter markers for your products and store. You can use them to draw attention to desirable aspects of your products or services, such as pointing out that an item is vegan or was made in Canada. You can also use them to point out new sales to customers to ensure they never miss out on the latest promotions.

Don’t overuse attribute stickers – save them for the most important features you want people to notice. If you use too many, they won’t stand out as effectively anymore.

2. Customer Convenience Stickers

Customer convenience stickers are a quick way to identify items made by your business. Design them with your company name and logo in a prominent place, so it’s easy for people to link the sticker to your brand.

These stickers work best in contexts where you can’t use other signage as easily. For example, you might ship out e-commerce orders with these stickers on them to remind your customers of where they bought the great products they are now enjoying.

3. Nostalgic Custom Stickers

Some custom stickers are all about evoking a sense of fondness toward the brand. People feel happy or relaxed when they look at them because the images remind them of the good experiences they had with that brand. These feelings build customer loyalty and can play a big part in a company’s long-term success.

This strategy is especially useful for brands that people interact with as children, including toy companies, educational materials, and entertainment media. However, almost any company can get some mileage out of this approach.

Other Popular Uses of Custom Stickers for Businesses

1. Sticker Swag

Custom stickers are a fun and inexpensive item you can give away to your customers. Many businesses hand them out at trade shows and as part of sample packs, but you can also just give them away right at the checkout counter in your store. Customers love to get a little something extra with their purchase!

2. Window Decals

Stickers made from quality vinyl can be used as window decals. Stick these up in your front window to convey important information about your business, such as your hours of operation or your social media details.

3. Wall Decals

Wall decals are an easy way to add colour and visual interest to indoor spaces without committing to a new paint job. Logos, decorative images, lettering, and quotes can all transform your rooms and hallways and help you make your spaces feel truly your own. They are also easy to take down if you’re ever remodelling or moving to a new space.

4. Floor Custom Stickers

Floor stickers aren’t used very often, so adding some to your store or business will really help your message stand out. Use them to draw customers’ attention to a new sale or section. Because they’re so clearly tied to specific places, they’re also great for helping customers find their way around your space. Place them in front of your bathroom, checkout counter, entrance, and other key places to provide a more customer-friendly navigation experience.

5. Packaging

Customized packaging really makes a business’ products stand out. Custom stickers can add a unique flair to generic packaging. Use stickers as labels to put the finishing touches on bottles, tins, jars, and other product containers or stick them on the front of the boxes and bags you give to customers at the checkout.

6. Serial Labels

Need to put some serial labels on your products to keep your store organized? Custom stickers are great for that! You can get stickers with unique barcodes, SKUs, and other identifiers printed on them, then quickly apply them to the outside of your product packaging. They’ll help you keep track of your sales and inventory without damaging the product you’ve placed them on.

7. Equipment

Your business probably has many pieces of equipment visible to the public, including counters, fridges, computers, registers, desks, and other useful tools. Why not add some stickers to those to make them more distinctive? Doing this creates a cohesive look inside your space and adds to your business’ branding.

8. Iron-On Transfers

Stickers printed on heat transfer backing can be applied to fabrics as iron-on transfers. These stickers are great for customizing employee uniforms in the blink of an eye – no long waits for custom tailoring or embroidery. You can make branded t-shirts for events like sponsored marathon runs or community clean-up days just as easily. You can even use these iron-on transfers to create fun items to include in giveaways or sell as merchandise, including tote bags, hats, and scarves.

9. Car Stickers

Get your business noticed while out on the road by printing some custom car stickers with your name or logo on them. You can apply these stickers to your own fleet or give them out to customers for some additional exposure if they choose to put them on their vehicles. Car stickers in Toronto get a lot of attention thanks to the sheer density of traffic here, so this is an excellent investment for businesses that are struggling to draw attention in the big city.

10. Everyday Uses

When you get down to it, custom vinyl stickers can be put on almost anything. Stick your custom stickers on personal items like water bottles, laptops, and luggage to personalize the items and give your business a branding boost in the process. Stickers are also great for dressing up cards, letters, and gifts. Both you and your customers are sure to find a million uses for the custom stickers you create.

Print Your Own Custom Stickers in Toronto with Sign & Graphics Manufaktur

No matter how big or small your order is, you can get all the custom stickers your business needs at The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur. Our stickers are high-quality and can be made from any materials you like, allowing you to easily put any of the strategies listed above to work in your shop or office. Contact us today at 905-670-0797 or use our online form to discuss order size, costs, and other project specifics. We’re looking forward to working with you!


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