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12 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Sign Company

Questions to Ask a Sign Company Before You Begin Work

Shopping for business signs in Toronto can take time and effort. Plenty of companies make custom signs, but how can you find one you can trust? Business signs are a big investment and an even bigger part of your branding strategy, so it’s worth your time to do your research. Here are 12 questions to ask a sign company before you start working with them.

12 Questions to Ask to Find a Reliable Sign Company

Do You Have a Design Team?

A good sign company knows that not all customers will have their own in-house designer working on their projects. They should have a design team ready to help you bring your sign ideas to life. If you do have your own designer, they should be open to working with them to come up with the final design. This not only ensures that you get an effective and impactful sign but also gives you the flexibility to change up your sign designs as needed without investing more company time into the project.

Where Will My Sign be Fabricated?

Your sign company should be happy to tell you that they do all their sign fabrication with their own internal teams. Outsourcing is common in the sign industry, but it often leads to sloppy work and an underwhelming finished product. A company that makes their own signs takes pride in the quality of their work and won’t hand over something that is poorly made. They’ll also likely install it for you, adding even more value to their services.

Who Can I Call With Questions About My Sign Project?

Most people who buy business signs have a lot of questions about the process and their specific project. The best sign companies expect this and have an established process for customer communications. They should be able to tell you exactly who you can go to with any questions or concerns. Some may even reach out to you to tell you they’ve hit a new milestone on a particularly long project!

Will You Warranty & Maintain My Sign?

A business sign is a big investment, so you want it to last. Your sign company should offer some sort of warranty or maintenance service to help make sure that happens. They want you to feel confident in your decision to purchase from them, after all.

Do You Have References?

Sign companies that do good work will have many former customers willing to vouch for them. They might show you reviews on Facebook or Google, point you to a testimonials page on their website, or show off some awards they’ve won. Whatever form it takes, they should be able to produce some sort of proof of customer satisfaction.

How Long Will It Take to Make the Sign?

Before you order a sign, you’ll want to have some idea of how long the project will take to complete. A sign company should be able to give you a solid timeframe for your order and stick to it. Refusing to commit to a schedule or evading the question is a sign that there might be some organizational challenges going on within the company.

Do You Have Examples of Custom Signs You’ve Made Previously?

If you want to get a feel for a sign company’s work, ask them to see some of the signs they have made for previous customers. They might have photos or videos in a portfolio, or they might give you directions to some of the signs they have worked on around town. If they don’t have any examples to point to, take that as a red flag.

Can You Walk Me Through Your Custom Signage Process?

Reviewing the design and fabrication process with your sign company is a good idea for two reasons. First, it gives you a chance to gauge how organized they are. They should be prepared for this question and be able to walk you through all the steps that will go into fulfilling your order. On top of that, it also lets you know if they will need anything from you during this process, such as approval on the sign design before it gets passed on for fabrication.

How Will I Know What the Final Sign Will Look Like?

If you aren’t designing your sign yourself, you’ll want to know what the final product will look like before you commit to it. Your sign company should provide you with digital mock-ups during the design process and be willing to adjust design elements based on your feedback. They may even be willing to produce physical mock-ups for a small fee so you can see what the design looks like in the real world.

What is Your Final Cost?

Some sign companies charge a single fee for all aspects of an order, from design and printing to installation and maintenance. Others charge for each of these things individually. Ask your sign company what the full price of your order will be up-front. You don’t want to get stuck with any nasty surprises on your final invoice.

What Type of Sign Do You Recommend for My Business?

As sign experts, the people at the sign company you work with should be able to help you find the best sign for your needs. Tell them about your company branding, your budget, how long you want the sign to last, and where you want to place it. They should be able to give you a few different recommendations that will give you a place to start.

Do You Offer Any Additional Services?

Many sign companies offer extra services for their signs, such as installation and repair services. Ask your sign company if they offer any of these things, and if so, how much they cost. You’ll want to know exactly what kind of service you can expect from this company before you purchase from them. If they expect you to install or maintain your sign yourself, it may be best not to buy from them.

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