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Reopening Signs After COVID-19 – Protect Your Customers and Business

Reopening Signs After COVID-19

As provinces gradually relax stay-at-home orders and the phased-in reopening of businesses continues over the coming weeks and months, companies will need COVID-19 reopening signs. These signs will give businesses a way to communicate and reiterate the new rules to employees and customers and show compliance to inspectors. It’s time to contact reliable sign shops to have your reopening signs ready.

The Need for Quality COVID-19 Reopening Signs

As the government moves forward with the reopening efforts, businesses will have to abide by certain requirements such as low capacity seating, sanitization practices and enforcing social distancing. On the other hand, customers will have to observe rules such as social distancing and wearing a mask while on business premises.

Reopening signs let your customers know that you are back in business and inform them and your employees of any new rules they need to be aware of. The Sign and Graphics Manufaktur has the expertise and experience to design and create many types and styles of social distancing signs for businesses in the Toronto area, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Large office buildings
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Banking and finance
  • Retail
  • Health and fitness clubs
  • Personal care services (hair and nail salons, consultants, aestheticians, barbers, tattoo artists)
  • Recreational facilities
  • Sports venues
  • Entertainment venues (play areas, movie theatres, bars, and clubs)

Examples of Reopening and Social Distancing Signs

  • Mounted and/or framed posters
  • Desktop displays
  • Door and window signs
  • Exterior and interior vinyl or cloth banners
  • Freestanding floor signs
  • Sandwich boards
  • Vinyl window lettering
  • Floor signage (decals)
  • A-frame signs
  • Banners
  • Floor shapes and tapes
  • Labels
  • Placards
  • Wall signs
  • Stickers
  • Flyers
  • Yard signs

Signs for Customers

Some of the reopening signs you could use to inform and direct your customers in accordance with the new rules could address:

  • New opening hours
  • Number of customers permitted in the store at once
  • Reminder to wear a mask
  • Social distancing rules
  • Queue signage (interior and exterior)
  • Seating capacity
  • Curbside/drive-thru/takeout guidelines
  • Reminders of ways to help prevent the spread of the virus
  • Temporary hours

Signs for Employees

A big part of the reopening requirements is ensuring that your employees are safe, which in turn affects the safety of your customers. For this reason, it is important to make sure that all your employees are aware of and practice all necessary protective and hygiene measures. This will not only protect fellow employees and customers but also demonstrate compliance with government requirements and guidelines. Having signs that remind customers of the physical distancing rules and prevention practices is crucial in keeping businesses open – and safe. Some of the signs you could use to reinforce awareness of adhering to the above guidelines include:

  • Hand hygiene signs
  • Daily and weekly sanitization instructions
  • Mask wearing guidelines (proper use and disposal)
  • Social distancing signs in common areas, offices, and break rooms
  • General prevention guidelines

Signs Help Keep Businesses Safe and Open

In these strange times, businesses have the opportunity to play a big part in protecting the community. The signs listed above will help keep your employees and customers safe and go a long way in educating and informing people on how they can protect themselves. They will also help you be in compliance with physical distancing rules and other preventative measures. Businesses that fail to have the right signage may be forced to close by compliance officers. If you haven’t already, now is the time to seek out a sign shop for reopening signs. The Sign and Graphics Manufaktur is one of the leading sign shops in Toronto with a wide range of products, including all types and styles of reopening signs. Contact Signs and Graphics today for COVID-19 reopening signs or to learn more about our signage solutions.


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