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Is Your Trade Show Display Conveying the Right Message?

How to Create a Great Trade Show Display

Trade shows are great places to reach new potential customers and show the world what your company is all about. If you’re planning to set up a booth at an upcoming show, you’ll need several types of signs to help you draw people in. Keep reading to learn how to design outstanding trade show signs that will help your company make its mark on the exhibition floor.

Make Sure Your Trade Show Visitors Can See Your Displays

Trade shows are busy places, and not everyone in your audience will be able to get close to your sign. It’s a good idea to design trade show displays in Toronto with specific viewing distances in mind.

Long-Range Signage

Long-range trade show signs are usually banners, hanging signs, or canopies. They should be simple, bold, and easy to read from up to 100 feet away. Your company’s name and logo should be clearly visible, but there should be very little text included.

Mid-Range Signage

Mid-range signage is meant to be viewed from 10 to 50 feet away. It can include anything from banners and flags to large poster boards and should be placed at least 5 feet above ground level for maximum exposure. You can include simple phrases like your company’s slogan or motto here but keep things brief. Your audience still won’t have a lot of time for reading while passing by.

Short-Range Signage

Short-range signage is for people who are interested enough to get close to your booth. These signs can be much more detailed than the other two types and should be posted at eye level. Use these signs to give your audience more information on your products and services, especially new offerings.

Building Your Brand One Trade Show Sign at a Time

Trade show signs will represent your brand during a public event, so make sure they’re designed with that purpose in mind! Your trade show signage should:

  • Fit Your Brand. Your signs should match the rest of your marketing in terms of tone and personality. Show the trade show attendees what you’re all about!
  • Stay Within Your Standards. Consistency is important. Use the same logo, colours, fonts, and other elements that you use in the rest of your promotional materials.
  • Use a Single CTA. Keep your message clear and focused. If you offer people a discount or other promotion, use a special code to help you track conversions.
  • Be Reusable. Investing in high-quality trade show signage allows you to use the same signs again and again at different shows over the years, saving you valuable marketing dollars. Ensure the signage can be used in the future, and keep unique or one-time messaging on less costly materials.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Trade show banners need to get right to the point to hold their audience’s attention. Every trade show sign you design should have at most ten words on it. Those ten words should capture the benefits and essence of your brand. Use them to set your brand apart from the competition and show your potential customers why you deserve their business.

Trade Show Display FAQs

1. What stand signs are used during a trade show?

You can use almost any kind of stand sign you want at a trade show. Whether you choose a retractable banner sign, a 3D stand sign, an A-frame sign, an LED display, or any other type of stand sign, what matters most is that you use the sign effectively to promote your brand.

2. What is the right size trade show overhead sign?

Trade show overhead signs need to be very large to get noticed. Ideally, you should get a sign that matches the dimensions of your trade booth. For example, if your booth is 30 feet long, your sign should be that length as well.

3. Which is better for trade shows: fabric banners or vinyl banners?

It depends! Fabric banners are an excellent choice for indoor events. They’re versatile and have an appealing upscale look to them that many brands appreciate. Current fabric printing technology can also reproduce extremely high-resolution images with no loss in image quality.

However, vinyl banners are unquestionably the better choice for outdoor events. Vinyl printing produces signs that are waterproof and more durable, helping them stand up to the weather better than their fabric counterparts. Just make sure you roll them instead of folding them. Otherwise, you may create permanent creases in your sign.

4. What makes good trade show signage displays for businesses?

A good trade show sign is both clear and memorable. Use colours, images, and simple words to get your message across quickly and entice the people at the trade show to visit your booth and learn more about your products.

5. What are the materials used to create stand signs?

Most sign stands for pop-up trade show displays are made from aluminum. This material is inexpensive and lightweight, making it perfect for trade show signage that will be moved around a lot. As for the signs themselves, they may be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, vinyl, and PVC.

6. How much time should I budget for trade show graphics?

If you have a finalized design ready, you’ll want to budget around 4 to 5 business days to get trade show graphics printed. If you’re still working on the design, however, it’ll take much longer. In general, the more people that have to sign off on a design, the more time it’ll take to finish a project. Most companies take at least 2 to 3 weeks to come up with the final designs for their trade show signs and banners.

Take Your Trade Show Displays to the Next Level

Trade shows are all about making a good impression – don’t let your signage make a bad one. Let The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur help you out instead. Whether you need signs for trade show displays, storefront signs, restaurant signs, vehicle wraps, or any other kind of sign, our shop is the place to go for all your sign printing needs. Contact us today to talk to our printing and design team and get started on your latest project.


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