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How Wall Murals Different Are from Wallpaper

How Wall Murals Different Are from Wallpaper

If you want to spice up your walls but don’t have the budget for an elaborate custom paint job, you have two options: wallpaper or a wall mural. Either one can transform a room, but what makes them different? Which is right for you? Let’s explore those questions below.

10 Differences that Set Wall Murals Apart

1. Murals Are Generally Applied to Just One Wall in a Room

While some people create single-wall wallpaper murals, wallpaper is usually used to cover an entire room. This allows the patterns on it to fade into the background. Wall murals, on the other hand, are usually applied to just one wall. They’re used to make a statement and draw the eye, not take a back seat to the furniture.

2. Murals Are Built with Different Materials

Because murals are meant to be used selectively, they’re often made of higher-quality materials. You can get murals made from polyester, canvas, photo paper, and other premium materials. That said, materials like vinyl, foil, cellulose, and velvet-flocked paper can be used for either wallpaper or murals and will look great in either context.

3. Murals Can Be Completely Customizable

Did you know that you can turn any image into a wall mural? Whether it’s your business logo or a great nature shot you took while on vacation, you can print any digital image onto adhesive-backed material to create a stunning piece of wall art.

4. Murals Make a Statement or Create an Impact

Many businesses in Canada use wall murals to set the mood in their store or office. Think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create and use your mural to work toward that goal. Whether you’re aiming for tranquil calm, zany fun, or anything in between, you’re sure to come up with a mural design that supports that direction.

5. Murals Give a Room More Depth

Want to instantly make a room feel bigger? Some business owners use murals to give rooms more depth, using clever optical illusions to give the impression of extending space. It’s quick, affordable, and much easier than installing a new window.

6. Each Mural Tells a Continuous Story

Murals can also be used as storytelling tools. If your business has a slogan, you can highlight it in a mural to show why it’s so important to your organization. You can do the same thing with meaningful quotes or even images.

7. Wallpapers Are Mass Produced While Murals Are More Eco-Friendly

Wallpaper is usually made in large quantities and sold on store shelves. The production and shipping processes use a ton of energy and resources, and if retailers don’t sell their entire stock, some of the paper ends up getting recycled or thrown out. Wall murals in Canada are usually printed on demand, eliminating all that waste.

8. Murals Are Sold by The Panel and Wallpapers Are Sold by The Roll

Wallpaper is typically sold in pre-cut rolls. This means that you’ll often end up with a little more than you need. Because wall mural printing is done on demand, it generates very little waste. You’ll use every part of your printed mural and won’t have to pay for any extra material.

9. The Application Process Is Different

Applying wallpaper to a wall is much more labour-intensive than putting up a mural. Wallpaper doesn’t come pre-measured, so it must be cut to the exact specifications of your room. You don’t have to worry about that with murals. They come pre-sized, so all you have to do is peel off the adhesive and stick them in place.

10. Murals Have Different Lifespan and Care Requirements

Murals and wallpaper also need different types of care to keep them looking their best. Most wallpaper is prone to moisture damage, making it hard to clean. Many murals, on the other hand, are made of moisture-resistant materials like vinyl. This makes them much easier to clean and helps them last longer, too.

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