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Top 10 Benefits of Digital Fabric Printing for Businesses

Top 10 Benefits of Digital Fabric Printing for Businesses

Many technologies have undergone rapid changes in the last few years, and fabric printing is no different. Digital fabric printing is quickly becoming a popular option for companies to create custom or branded fabric for their needs. This method offers many advantages over conventional screen printing. This post will explore what digital printing is and ten reasons why it’s the superior option.

What is Digital Fabric Printing?

Traditionally, textile printing was done using a process called screen printing. To do this, print shop workers pre-mixed dyes by hand, prepared screens for each design element, and ran the fabric through a specialized printing press. It would squeeze the dye through the screen and into the textile. Each screen must be run individually, gradually building up design elements until the complete design appears. This was often a long and laborious process.

Digital fabric printing does away with most of that manual work. Once a digital file is selected and loaded into the printer, its software co  inverts the image into areas of colour using an RGB or LAB system. That image is then automatically printed onto the fabric using tiny drops of ink.

Advantages of Digital Fabric Printing

Digital fabric printing is superior to manual fabric printing in almost every way. Some of the benefits of opting for this type of printing include:

Higher Resolution and Flexibility

Digital fabric printing is done using extremely precise technology, making it possible to produce very crisp images that would have been challenging to achieve with manual methods. You can use it to create fabric covered in delicate patterns with as many colours and intricate shapes as you want. The result will be just as clear and defined as the images in the file you uploaded.

Fewer Resources Used

Traditional screen printing uses lots of energy and water to wash the built-up ink off each screen. Digital fabric printing eliminates this part of the process, so you’ll use fewer resources to get the job done.

Fast Sampling and Shortened Delivery Times

Traditional fabric printing made it very difficult to fine-tune designs before beginning a larger order since a whole new screen would have to be constructed every time a change was made. Digital fabric printing makes design adjustments easy. By editing the source file, you can get the exact design you want without slowing down the production and shipping process.

Lower Sample Costs

Without fabricating and running individual screens for each colour in a design, it is much easier and more cost-effective to do small-batch jobs with digital fabric printing. If you want to, you can easily produce a range of different samples to choose from before committing to a final design.

Lower Overall Costs

Digital fabric printing requires less labour and resources than traditional screen printing. This means that it can usually be done for significantly less money.

Less Waste

Since digital fabric printing does not require custom frames for each order, the process produces much less waste. It is also very exact, so it only ever uses as much ink as the design requires.

Low Capital Investment

Digital fabric printing is so quick and flexible that printers can shift their production model to producing on-demand items after processing each sale. In other words, you don’t necessarily need to buy a large stock of printed fabric up-front. Instead, you can wait to buy it only when you need it.

Bolder, Brighter Colours

Digital printing uses a technique called intelligent colouring. It uses sophisticated algorithmic technology to identify the precise pigment mixture needed to match the colours of your uploaded digital file. These vivid hues are then applied to the fabric using microcomputer guidance to ensure that the colours stay crisp and distinct.

Greater Accuracy

Digital printing uses nearly microscopic ink drops to replicate digital images. This approach allows digital printing to achieve very high fidelity in the product. If you want something printed exactly as it appears in your file, digital is unquestionably the way to go.

Complete Customization

Digital fabric printing allows you to easily recreate fonts, logos, patterns, or any other type of design on fabric. In a business context, this means that you will never have to redesign or simplify a promotional image to place it on fabric. The only limit to what you can do is your own imagination.

Is Digital Fabric Printing Worth Your Investment?

Without a doubt, yes. Digital fabric printing has many potential applications for businesses. Many companies use it to create branded products for employee use or to give out at trade shows and fairs. Others sell the fabric and the goods they make with it.

Perhaps the most universal application, however, is using digitally printed fabric to create signs. There are so many business signs in Toronto that the average viewer doesn’t notice many of them. A beautiful, high-resolution fabric sign offers something a little different from your usual vinyl banners and paper posters. A single investment can get you a winning business sign that you will use for many years.

We Offer Exceptional Digital Fabric Printing in Toronto

Interested in commissioning a digitally printed fabric sign for your business? Bring your project to the Sign & Graphics Manufaktur. As a leading sign manufacturer in Toronto, we have many years of experience using digital fabric printing equipment and produce beautiful and effective results. Contact us online or call us at 905-670-0797 to get quality fabric signage solutions that you can count on to represent your business right.


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