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10 Exciting Outdoor Business Signs for Inspiration

Outdoor Business Signs

As Toronto’s top sign makers, we at Sign & Graphics Manufaktur are always on the lookout for standout sign designs. Today, we’d like to share ten examples of exceptional outdoor Business Signs at work. Use these samples as starting points to think about your own sign designs!

Successful Outdoor Business Signs that Inspire


McDonald’s’ logo signs are so iconic that the restaurant is often called “the Golden Arches.” Now that’s a powerful brand! This sign’s buttery yellow colour makes you feel happy and upbeat, while its doorway-like arcs welcome you to sit down and stay a while. It’s an expert design that teaches us the importance of matching your signage’s visual design to your desired public image.


Nike’s characteristic swoosh offers an incredible lesson in contrast. It’s made of a single simple shape and is usually depicted in white on a black background. This makes it instantly recognizable, even at night or at a distance. Your outdoor signs should also employ contrast to their advantage, emphasizing clarity and readability over busy designs. According to sign shops, light text and logos on a dark background works best.


The Scholar’s sign is made up of simple blue lettering with a red apple in place of the “O.” On the apple, there is a small maple leaf where most designs would place a triangle, simulating the appearance of a shiny surface. Apples are a classic symbol of wholesome academic success, and the maple leaf adds a uniquely Canadian touch to the design that suggests the company’s services are tailored to this country’s educational requirements. It’s memorable and effective, and you can easily use a similar approach for your custom signs and designs regardless of the industry you’re in.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany’s elegant blue-and-gold holiday archway sign gives the brand the elegant, luxurious look it needs to corner the high-end jewelry market. You can tell from one glance at its opulent font and glittery snowflake accents that this store sells only the finest merchandise. It’s another great example of a sign that sets up the audience’s expectations perfectly. It also shows how well branded holiday signage can be used to draw attention to your location.

Goodlife Fitness

Goodlife Fitness’ well-known outdoor sign is an example of channel lettering, a technique in which plastic letters are arranged to spell out the name of a store or office. The gym’s sign literally pops out from its surroundings, making it easy to spot at a distance. You can use channel lettering to great effect for your own business, taking advantage of its stylish look to draw in new customers.

Popular Signage Styles to Consider

Backlit Signs

Backlit signs are a classic type of exterior signage for a reason. The lighting effects provide high contrast that helps the sign stand out and makes it easy to read at night. The glow of each individual element makes small details like font choice stand out even more. Your sign manufacturer will help you experiment with different lighting and fonts in your sign designs to come up with a combination that evokes the look you’re going for.

Circular Signs

Rectangles may be the default sign shape, but they are far from your only option. Circular signs add some novelty and visual interest to your sign design, making it stand out and highlighting your business name in the center. Because the shape is so effective at drawing the eye, you can even get more creative with fonts and graphics than you would on a typical rectangular sign.

Custom Digital Signs

Custom digital signs are the most flexible and versatile type of outdoor signage you can get. Because digital signs are easy to update, they make great tools for communicating with your audience. Consider using them to promote new products, sales, giveaways, or other updates that your customers might be interested in.


Awnings are less common than many other types of outdoor signs, which helps make them more memorable to passers-by. Install an awning to get more mileage out of your outdoor space, getting your name out there and sheltering your customers from rain and sun at the same time.

Fun Custom Banners

Adding a custom banner to your outdoor signage can give your business a fun, playful feeling that is sure to resonate with your audience. Because banners are a form of temporary signage, you can use them to promote new events, product launches, and other exciting business news.

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is Your Trusted Sign Company

If you’re interested in getting new Outdoor business signs in Toronto, The Sign and Graphics Manufaktur is the place to go. Many of our customers say we’re the best sign company in Toronto. Contact us today and let our team of designers and fabricators help you create the perfect outdoor signage for your small business.


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