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Why Your Backlit Signage Is Not Working

Why Your Backlit Signage Is Not Working

With its LED illumination, backlit signage provides a luminous and eye-catching way to promote your brand, visible both day and night. Despite their appeal and effectiveness, light boxes or backlit signs can sometimes fail, leaving businesses in the dark about how to fix them.

Backlit signage is designed to stand out, offering continuous promotion at all hours and in any lighting condition. However, their reliance on electrical components means they’re not immune to operational hiccups. Identifying the cause of a malfunction can be the first step toward a solution, which may range from simple DIY fixes to needing professional assistance. It’s essential to pinpoint the problem, whether it’s a minor issue like a loose connection or something more significant requiring expert intervention. If you are unsure and want to avoid digging, you can always contact the professional sign company to take a look and make the repairs.

Reasons Your Backlit Signage Is Not Working

  • Voltage Issue: Incorrect voltage can lead to signage failure, necessitating checks to ensure compatibility with the electrical supply.
  • Poor Thread Connection: Loose or faulty connections can disrupt the power flow, often requiring a straightforward adjustment.
  • The Amperage of the Breaker: An inadequate breaker can trip, cutting off the power supply to the signage. Ensuring the amperage matches the signage’s requirements is crucial.
  • The Transformer Has Stopped Working: The transformer acts as the power supply for your LED lighting system. If your lights are on 24/7, it is a possibility that the transformer could stop working from overuse. It is recommended to install a switch or a light sensor so you can turn the lights on when it is dark out and off during the day.

Poor Design and Visibility

Poor design or installation is a common pitfall with backlit signage, leading to inadequate visibility. Factors such as incorrect sizing, placement, or insufficient lighting can diminish the sign’s impact, failing to capture the intended audience’s attention. A design that considers the viewing distance, location, and ambient lighting is essential for effective backlit signage.

Lack of Maintenance and Neglected Repairs

Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity and effectiveness of backlit signage. Neglecting repairs or maintenance can lead to diminished performance or complete failure. Proactive checks and timely repairs ensure ongoing operational efficiency and visibility.

Inadequate Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is increasingly important for backlit signs, not just for environmental reasons but also for cost-effectiveness. Signs that are not energy-efficient can lead to higher operational costs and may not perform optimally. Upgrading to LED backlit signs or ensuring your backlit LED lightbox is designed with energy efficiency in mind can provide long-term benefits.

Trust the Experts for Backlit Signage

When facing challenges with your backlit signage, consulting with experts can make a significant difference. The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur specializes in backlit signs, offering tailored solutions that ensure your signage works and stands out. From design and installation to maintenance and energy efficiency, trust your backlit signage needs to professionals who understand how to make your brand shine, day and night.

Explore our backlit signage solutions, or contact us today for expert advice and services to illuminate your brand’s message.


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