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How to Design the Perfect Backlit LED Light Box

How to Design the Perfect Backlit LED Light Box

Backlit signs are extremely effective marketing tools that most consumers instinctively notice. Your eyes are naturally drawn to light, after all!

However, getting notices is not the same as conveying a message. To do that, you’ll need a focused and strategic sign design that plays to the strengths of lightboxes. Our guide will help you come up with an effective design that will win over your customers and drive higher revenue for your business.

What are Backlit Sign Boxes?

Backlit sign boxes are signs made from acrylic, fabric, or other materials that are placed over an illuminated frame. This gives the sign a pleasant glow that not only helps it remain visible in dark conditions but also draws attention from people passing by.

Questions to Ask

These three questions are the first things you need to think about when mapping out your backlit signage strategy.

  1. What’s the Purpose of Your Sign? You can’t design an effective sign without a clear goal. Most backlit signs are used for storefront signs, but some are used as display signs or menu boards. Decide what you want your sign to feature and go from there.
  2. Where Will You Install Your Backlit Sign Box? Backlit signs need more careful placement than other types of signs. Think about where you want to put your sign. Will it be going indoors or outdoors? Is there a power connection there, or will you have to get one put in? What kind of weather conditions will it be exposed to?
  3. What is Your Budget? No business has unlimited funds. Figuring out your budget ahead of time will help you limit your shopping to backlit signs you can realistically afford.

Design Elements to Consider for Backlit Sign Boxes

1. Materials

LED lightboxes can be made from many different materials. Some of the most common are acrylic, aluminum, and vinyl. You can also make LED lightbox signs out of fabric stretched over a frame. Different materials are better for different purposes. Consider your budget, your intended look, and how durable your sign needs to be to come up with the right choice for you.

2. Choose Your Lighting

Your backlit sign’s lighting will be the primary thing that makes it stand out, so choose your light source carefully! Most companies now opt for LED displays instead of the old fluorescent bulbs everyone used to use. LEDs provide a much clearer, steadier glow that helps your sign stand out in even the darkest conditions. Consider using RGB LEDs if you want to add some extra colour to your lightbox!

3. Brightness

Backlit signage can be made with different levels of brightness, too. You’ll want to go for brighter lighting if your sign will be placed indoors, especially if it’s going to be in a location that gets a lot of sunlight. Outdoor signs can be slightly dimmer because they usually won’t be competing with many other light sources.

4. Think About Colour

Backlit signs make colours extremely clear and bright, so choose your colour combos carefully! High-contrast palettes are best for making the sign stand out. Pair one of your most distinctive brand colours with white for a high-intensity look, or go for lighter colours with black accents or lettering.

5. Shape

Backlit signs can be made in almost any shape you can think of. Most businesses opt for basic rectangles, but squares, circles, and ovals are all popular as well. You can even have custom signs made in novelty shapes like hearts, stars, leaves, or any other shape that suits your business.

6. Text

Backlit signs are all about visual impact, so don’t bog your sign down with too much text. Keep your message short and direct, and choose a font that’s easy to read at any distance.

7. Graphics

Adding graphics to your sign can add a lot of visual flair to your design. Stay away from highly detailed designs or ones with too many fine lines, though – simple images like logos are best.

8. Choosing the Right Combo

Backlit sign boxes can be used alone or in combination with other types of signs. They work great when paired with imposing monument signs, for example. Think about the message you want to send and whether you might want to use a combination of signs to deliver it.

9. Panels

While a standard backlit LED lightbox is made with just one full-sized panel for the display, you can ask your sign company to break your LED light box sign up into multiple connected panels. This way, you can easily make changes to your logo or text without needing to replace the entire sign.

Backlit Signage Advertising Strategy

Backlit signs are a huge step up from your typical panel and post signs. Incorporating them into your advertising strategy will ensure that you can make the most of every advertising opportunity you get. Always be on the lookout for more signs to add to your business’ marketing plans!

Come to Us for Compelling LED Signs in Toronto

Are you ready to order your business’s own backlit sign? You can get an effective and memorable LED backlit sign made right here at Sign & Graphics Manufaktur. We’ll even help you come up with the design if you’re not sure where to start. Contact us today to learn more about our sign fabrication services and get your LED light box sign into production right away.


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