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How to Design a Food Truck Wrap

How to Design a Food Truck Wrap

A well-designed vinyl truck wrap is a must-have for any food truck business. Just like storefront signs, food truck wraps advertise your business and let potential customers know what to expect from you. They’re a crucial part of your marketing strategy, so it’s important to get them right. Here are a few of our top tips for designing food truck wraps.

Expert Tips for Food Truck Wraps

Keep It Simple

With a whole truck’s worth of space to fill, you might be tempted to add as many extra details and flourishes as possible to your food truck wrap. Don’t do it! Simpler designs are easier to understand and stand out more than cluttered, busy designs.

Design With Intention

Each aspect of your food truck wrap’s design should serve a specific purpose. For example, any graphics you use should be directly related to the products you sell. Any design elements that don’t tie into your business’s offerings will just confuse your audience.

Use Contrasting and Complementary Colours

Colour theory can do a lot to help your design stand out. Contrasting colours make a design more eye-catching and visible, while complementary colours work together to create a bold yet unified look. Play around with your colour scheme using your brand colours as a starting point. Don’t restrict your palette too much, though – sticking to colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, like red and orange, will make your design fade into the background.

Create Your Design with Vector-Based Art

Vector-based graphics can easily be scaled to any size without becoming pixelated, so they’re perfect for use in food truck wraps. You can create vector art in most digital art programs, including Adobe Illustrator. If you don’t know how to do this, your sign company’s design team can do it for you. This service is often built into the truck wrap cost.

Outline Fonts and Expand Strokes in Final Artwork Files

It’s easy for slogans, calls to action, and other text to get lost in a food truck wrap design when that design is finally printed. To avoid distorting your message, add a small outline to all of the custom fonts you use in the final image. Similarly, you can expand the strokes of any graphics you use to keep them bold, clear, and easy to see at any distance.

Base the Design on the Actual Food Truck

Food trucks often have unique exteriors that can’t be wrapped using standard templates. If you want your wrap to look its best, take the time to measure the truck’s dimensions and build your design around those. The final result will be much cleaner and more professional-looking.

Utilize Negative Space

Negative space is any space in a design that is left intentionally blank. It’s just as important as any other design element, giving the full picture room to breathe and make an impact. Your graphics and text will stand out more, and your audience will have an easier time interpreting your message.

Contact Sign & Graphics Manufaktur for “Truck Wraps Near Me”

There’s a lot of specialized work involved in designing a food truck wrap, and not all proprietors feel up to the challenge. Whether you’ve got your food truck wrap design ready to go or need some help making the perfect design, The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle wrap services and get your food truck ready for business.


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