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Marketing Professionals

If you love your car and you want to make a statement and differentiate your car by giving it a unique look, you have come to the right place. At The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, we work with the industry leading car wrap material suppliers 3M and Avery. This means we have access to unique and special car wraps that are especially designed for car enthusiasts like you. There is no need to repaint your car to get that unique look.

Avery and 3M supply almost every colour in car wrap material you can imagine. Whether you want a special two-tone colour that looks different depending on the light condition or on the angle of the sunlight on your vehicle, to satin, matte, or gloss colours. We even haven access to car wraps that give the impression of a special texture, like carbon fibre, or a unique chrome or gold look.

Our installers have the expertise to apply the car wraps professionally and to your satisfaction. We at The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur also haveaccess to specialists from 3M who can help us with customizing a unique look for your car.

An added bonus from wrapping your car is that the thin vinyl film serves as a protective layer that shields the original paint of your car from the wear and tear of the elements. This means that when you decide to take off the vinyl film, the original paint of your car is in pristinecondition. Therefore, car wrapping can actually preserve the value of your car.



Home Owners

Digitally printed graphics and wallpaper

Digitally printed graphics and custom wallpaper can significantly improve the look of every home and give it a unique appearance.

Whether it is in the basement or on walls in the main living areas or in bed rooms, The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur can help you to beautify your home.

For example, we can help you to create your “man cave” by printing your favourite hockey stars in life size pictures, or print the logo of your sports team that you can put on chairs, walls, etc.

We can also make custom wallpaper with your special photos – like the beautiful view from your cottage, or scenery like a fall forest, a tropical beach, or a beautiful mountain region. This will enable you to transform a boring room into a refuge where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.


Back lit pictures

At the Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, we are experienced in producing back lit pictures. Back lit pictures are graphics that are printed on translucent material which is installed over LED lights to illuminate the pictures.

Back lit pictures can be put into simulated window frames, which can be “hung” in the basement to give the illusion of looking out of a window into a beautiful garden.  This will bring more light and pleasing aesthetic surrounding to your living space.

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