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Five Ways Light Boxes Can Be Used in Your Business

The true test of any advertisement tool is its ability to instantly grab users’ attention and effectively communicate a message. An LED light box sign leads in these regards. Lightboxes are an eye-catching, innovative and incredibly effective way to bring life into your signage and communicate important messages. These versatile, easy to read boxes can display any message you want your customers, employees or guests to receive, in full colour and vivid detail. Choose a good design and an LED light box sign can add a lot of style, promote offers and highlight advertising in a productive and engaging way.

Here are some of the ways you can use an LED light box sign in your business.

Front of House Signs

Typically, the front of the business is the first place you will see a lightbox. There are a wide variety of sizes available for this usage. At Sign & Graphics, our team can customize them to any measurements depending on need. Backlit LED signs can also be used around the business premises. For instance, you can use a rectangular or square LED light box sign at eye-level to catch people’s attention and direct them towards your shop down in the basement.

Highlight Facilities

Many businesses use backlit LED signs to illuminate specific areas on their premises. For shops, this could be used in sections like the aisles, changing rooms or sections with specific products like electronics. You can also use them at a reception desk, for direction to the washroom or any other place you want to guide or help customers. An LED light box sign is a fun and versatile way to illuminate.

Get Customers on Social Media

An LED light box sign offers a great chance to display your Facebook and Twitter handles if you are having some difficulty getting people to interact with you on these social media platforms. The vibrant nature and design of these signs can make all the difference to get people engaging with you online, including on your website.

Sales and Flashing Light Boxes

If you are running a sale, you want as many people as possible to know about it as possible. You’ll also want to direct the people to the right location in your shop where the sale is happening. An LED light box sign can help you do this and can make the customer journey a whole lot more fun. Backlit LED signs are often the first thing people see, giving you their valuable attention to tell them about your sale.

Funky Goes Viral

Backlit LED signs give you the liberty to create all sorts of wonderful and creative designs. Our design team at Sign & Graphics can help you achieve great attraction with any design idea. The funkier it is, the more likely it is people may snap selfies with your LED light box sign and post it on social media for their friends to see. If your sign has this effect, you can expect to get free advertising for your business for a long time.

Businesses That Use Backlit Signage

  • Retails stores and malls
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Coffee shops
  • Airports
  • Trade shows
  • Financial institutions
  • And many more

Additional Benefits of Adding Backlit LED Lightbox Signs to Your Business:

  • Backlit LED signs make your establishment more visible
  • You can create a unique brand identity with illuminated signs
  • Lightbox signs provide nonstop advertising
  • Lightboxes provide double-sided visibility
  • They leave a stunning impression
  • They are low cost and energy-efficient

Choose the Right Light Box with Sign & Graphics

There are several considerations to make in choosing the right light box. These include where the light box will be placed in your premises, its designs, and how big it needs to be. Light boxes can also be customized to your exact specifications, so it is important to think about what other details you’d like to see on your next LED light box sign.

A higher number of walk-ins, a better return on space and an increase in sales are just some of the many outcomes businesses report after installing LED light box signs. If you are looking to engage with your customers and prospective customers in a fun and more impactful way, it’s time to consider LED backlit signs. If you want to find out more about how they can work for your business, contact us today.

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